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[Land Min's UFO's Here]
22 May 1989
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The Girl

The name is Jenn, and she's a total badass. In fact she is so badass that she refers to herself in third person at time... she's wicked awesome. She's 19 years old right, and she's a uni sophomore. She thinks she's gonna major in Eng Lit and wants to teach english over seas... like that's ever gonna happen, loser.
The Writer
She's been writing ff before she even knew it really. She started off young with lame actors and blah blah putting herself in their worlds and thank god she grew up. Her first big fandom was Harry Potter and she dabbled on an off in the movies: x-men, hellsing etc etc with hot guys. She has some original work too, but it all needs to revamped like badly. Her new fandoms are DBSK, Suju (13+) and Shinee. She hopes on expanding that to many more frontiers *eyes innocent Jun's butt*.
The Panda
I heard she likes to read. She likes all sorts of stuff and she even wrote a short story once ((the imbecile lost the only copy)). Panda roleplays on badass asian sites and mods two of them so yay for her. Oh and she's happily married to a Bunny =].
Places She Frequents
9mm Magnum | 2nd Writing Journal//Coming Soon | . | .
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